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Rat infestations are a demoralising, unhygienic, and dangerous threat to your home or business. To see a dirt-encrusted, foetid rodent sharing the space where you live or work immediately calls into question its liveability, and nobody can go on ignoring such a pest for very long. Take decisive action and call Aim High Pest Control as soon as you suspect a rat control problem at your property.

Rat control is an essential service for the Brisbane and Gold Coast areas, as these rodents can all too easily infest a home or business under the right circumstances. While traps and rat poison can go some way towards deterring the infestation, they are of limited effectiveness once rats have taken up residence in a building. A professional rat control treatment is the safest way to ensure your home is clean of vermin, and Aim High Pest Control are always on call to provide professional and affordable service when you find yourself in need.

Aim High Pest Control are veterans of the local industry, priding ourselves on our customer communication and extensive service. We keep you in the loop regarding our pest treatments, so you know exactly what is going on under your roof and how close you are to being pest-free again. Family-owned and -operated in the area for over 17 years, Aim High are a part of the community and understand how important it is to clients that we minimise the impact of an infestation – and its treatment – on their lives.

Aim High’s team of pest technicians are highly experienced and driven, with all the skills and knowledge to meet a rat infestation head on. Our history of satisfied clients shows our consistency in dealing with these problems for good. When you call in our team, you can trust that your home will be yours again in short order.

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If you suspect a rat infestation growing at your home or business, don’t wait for the problem to get worse. Call in the friendly technicians at Aim High Pest Control and address them today. Phone us on (07) 5492 4335.


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